Laura Harrison McBride

Laura Harrison McBride

Laura Harrison McBride is a journalist with more years' experience than she cares to reveal, and an artist and poet just getting those pursuits underway. Meanwhile, she has taught a few hundred kids and adults to ride and jump horses, and has taught a smaller number of university students the difference between there, they're and their. Along the way, she has written fourteen books, mainly for major US publishers. 

McBride is a native of New York City, where she spent a good deal of her career, but is a citizen of Ireland now, and a resident of Cornwall, UK. 

Her books include:

Car Full of Death: A Quirky British Mystery Romp: A Shelf & Chloe Barker Mystery

Catfirmations: Affirmations for life, inspired by the wisdom of felines and the Dartmoor landscape (with photographs by Rachel Burch).

Cow-Tipping and the Deep Blue Sea: Poems of Cornwall and the Atlantic Rim

English Riding, Safer Riders: Every parent's (and rider's) guide to learning to ride safely.

Ireland Explained: Ireland: Beautiful, ethereal, tragic, strong, fun-loving. This charming journey reveals it all.


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