Shelf Barker's Most Unusual Visit to Santa Claus

Christmas decorations in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn; yes, the ones in Carroll Gardens,where Shelf Barker finds out who killed Santa, are just as good. (Wiki commons)

We were so busy getting ready for Christmas, we forgot some of the great comments about our Halloween long short story. Here is one of the comments from one of our readers.

"I LOVE The Pumpkin Head Affair!!!  Thanks for sharing it!  I definitely want to read [the] other books. Where can I purchase them?" Lissa G.

You can still read "The Pumpkin Head Affair," of course, as it is readily available in paperback or on Kindle.

But considering the season, perhaps "A Visit from Old Dead Santa" would be in order. And even longer short story, it too is available on Kindle and as a paperback.

"Dead Santa" is a perfect stocking stuffer for cozy mystery fans, wacky mystery fans and humor fans. As usual, reluctant P.I. Shelf Barker gets himself into a world of trouble. As usual, a series of unexpected events, and the savvy of his wives, get him out of it, and he solves the mystery as well. Best of all, everything turns out well. Of course it does; it's Christmas. Even Shelf's bumbling can't mess that up.

Click below to see "A Visit from Old Dead Santa," and get a copy of Shelf Barker's latest adventure.