Cow-Tipping now available for Free!

Laura Harrison McBride's volume of poems, Cow-Tipping and the Deep Blue Sea, is currently available as a free download on Kindle. for the next two days (28th & 29th November).

Follow this link...
Cow-Tipping and the Deep Blue Sea: Poems of Cornwall and the Atlantic Rim (Poetry by Laura Harrison McBride Book 1)

Christmas Tree Festival


News Flash!

The festive season is approaching, so it's time for all good Muffin Dogs to fetch their Christmas decor down from storage and see what's worth putting up.

One thing well worth it will be a first for Muffin Dog Press. We will decorate a tree for the annual Christmas Tree Festival at St. Eustachius Church, Tavistock, Devon, UK.

Christmas treeEach year, as many as 9,000 visitors view the trees. Often, the groups or people who have decorated a tree will give it to a local service organization for part of their festive season decorations. The Muffin Dog Press tree, to be themed “A book, a biscuit and a cup of tea,” will be displayed after the festival by the Tavistock Public Library.

If you'd like to see the tree, and the approximately 70 others that generally decorate the ancient, historic church during the festival, pop along at 2:30 p.m. on November 28, 2014 for the short opening ceremony, or stop by during the week while the church is open, or view them before or after a service between November 28 and December 7.

Prim-RAF Craft Fair, Callington, 8th Nov

Meet us at the Prim-RAF craft fair, tomorrow morning 8th November 2014, in Callington Town Hall, between 9 AM and 1 PM.

We will have our books, Christmas cards, and Sea-Glass Jewelry available for sale.

See you There.

The Luminous Shadow of the Muse

Laura Harrison McBride's latest book of poetry is about to be released on Kindle and in print!

The Luminous Shadow of the Muse, explores what's left behind when humans confront their lives...the feelings, hungers, pains, and joys, but beneath it all, the changes begun by everything a person does, and the activities altered by everything a human thinks.

 This volume is at times gentle, at times cogent and at times just plain unsentimental as it explores the big and small facets of modern life. It moves through space and time, from the 1950s to now, from the gentle breezes of the Cornish coast to the fug of midtown Manhattan. It assesses marriage, families and the single life. Dogs and horses. Food and drink. It will make you laugh, remember your past, and assess the difficult situations of your life. While the poems are based on one woman's experience on two continents, the emotions are universal. It is a spiritual journey, from birth to the late years of life. It examines, it suggests, it informs, it delights in the way it uses the majestically malleable English language to cast a beam of light on human life in the noughties.

Available soon at the Muffin Dog Press CreateSpace store and
for your Kindle, at the link below.