A Nation of Serfs

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A Nation of Serfs, by Bryce Webster

 How the greatest generation has enslaved us all.

It's bad for most of us these days. Low incomes, high expenses, a Congress that seems more like a playpen full of unruly and somewhat stupid children. It's all George's fault, right? He did preside over the financial debacle at the end of his unfortunate term. Some think it's Obama's fault, but the truth is, he inherited problems too big for one man to fight alone...and he has been, mainly, alone. It is time to put the blame where it belongs, on the single generation that, like an architect drawing plans for a huge building that must not fall, wrote the blueprint for all our problems. Who? The generation Tom Brokaw gorrmlessly glorified as the Greatest. In fact, it was the greediest, from having too many kids with no regard for them or the planet, to ensuring their golden years would glow with a light provided by their children's and grandchildren's rising taxes and diminishing paychecks.. Indeed, looked at rationally, it was the so-called Greatest Generation that has made us all A Nation of Serfs. In just nine chapters, A Nation of Serfs explains it all for you.

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